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When it comes to Screen Printing in Canada, we provide the best mix of quality and affordability & wholesale minimums of 12 Units, T-Shirt printing needs no compromise with Dads Printing.

What Is Custom Branded Apparel?

Screen printing is the Traditional and the most economical way to decorate garments. It’s the best starting point for any new brand in search of the perfect promotional product, to achieve maximum exposure and prolonged engagement.

You can either design your own t-shirts or use one of the standard designs offered by us,. There are certain aspects of screen printing which you need to understand as they impact the type of design which you can use if you want to design your own t-shirt.

Whether the price is five or ten dollars, the first thing to look at is the quality of the t-shirt to be screen printed. It cannot represent your company in a complimentary way if the fabric cannot withstand the process of screen printing.

Why Choose Branded Bush for Custom Branded Apparel?

Branded Bush will get your name and brand in front of your customers in ways that will be remembered. Promotional products help build and grow your business. 

We create spaces for cannabis businesses to express their passion for the industry in a brand-authentic way. This allows our customers to take their business to the next level and enjoy new opportunities for growth. 

With a wide selection of products, options for custom packaging, and direct to consumer fulfilment, we’re the obvious choice!

Tell Us How Branded Bush Can Help

We’d be delighted to know what you’re looking for and help you turn it into reality. If you’re interested in learning more,  hit the “Inquire Now” button to get started.