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Say goodbye to embarrassing stains with custom Dab Mats. Create your design using our build your design tool. Upload your image or use one of the many great images we have supplied!

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What Is a Dab Mat?

Dab mats are made to protect your prep surface as well as your rig. Dab mats are well known for protecting floors from being sticky and damaged. A dab mat acts as a barrier between the heat of your torch and the delicate finish of the hardwood floor. Our mats also offer each individual a unique opportunity to add personality to their space.

The dab mat is silicone-based and will mold to any surface that has a flat surface. Our premium custom silicone dab mats are made with two goals in mind. First, keep your rigs safe and secure when you’re toting them around from place to place. Second, provide a surface that is just right for you and your concentrates.

Design Your Own Dab Mat

When it comes to vaping tools, more and more people seem to be interested in personalized versions. This has led to many companies offering custom dab mats that give you the experience of owning something unique. There are several to choose from, designed in cool patterns with pictures of brands, television shows, and movie characters, making your search for extra pieces of your kit that much more fun!

Create your own Dab Mat designs with our dab mat designer. Make a dab mat for home, work, and beyond. Branded Bush can make a difference in terms of your overall dab station appearance. Try a strong color, or a cool design to add character to your station.

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