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Get a Custom Glass Bongs and Pipes For Your Brand

Custom Bongs and Pipes provide a premium way to reach new customers. Promote your brand in the high-end market of Bong and Pipe smokers.

Branded Bush is a purveyor of custom bongs, glass pipes and accessories. Based in Canada, we hand create everything to your specifications. Check out our online gallery for fancy bongs and odd shaped creations.

What Are Custom Bongs and Pipes?

It’s a well-known fact that smoking cannabis is great. However, smoking it with all the work needed to prepare a traditional pipe can be frustrating. There is the cleaning that has to be done after each use and the risk of breaking them if dropped or knocked over can be quite irritating when you’re in the middle of a “high”.

Branded Bush offer an end to this problem. You can now create your personalized piece of glass art in minutes.

Let us help you grow your brands. We make it quick and easy for you to create custom bongs and pipes.  Our service gives you all the tools needed to add your Logo to these products, making them become Icons of your brand. We take care of every single detail for you, so you can focus on your business most effectively. 

Why Choose Branded Bush for Custom Bongs and Pipes?

Branded Bush aims to be the retailer who is best at showcasing your brand alongside ours and in doing so, is best at building your own brand within our marketplace.

We create spaces for marijuana-related businesses to express their passion for the industry in a brand-authentic way. We provide our customers with the tools that they need for their businesses to be successful.

With a wide selection of promotional products, options for custom packaging, and direct to consumer fulfilment, we’re the obvious choice!

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About Branded Bush

An Industry Leader in Production and Decoration of Custom Cannabis Promotional Products

With an in-depth understanding of Quality Control, Apparel Production and experience in warehousing and transportation all over the world, the Branded Bush Team is dedicated to making your promotion and packaging production a seamless process, no matter the product or the print!

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